CRM 3.0 is a combination of the advantages of the system




Advantages of TradeAssistant CRM 3.0


CRM can be completely customized.  We will add the functionality which are needed in your industry.


We practice a number of security to guarantee data protection for our clients.


Clear and understandable functionality for users does not cause problem in operating the system.

Without implementation

The application does not require any special implementation or complicated installation. All you need is a web browser and you can start working.

Benefits of implementation TradeAssistant CRM 3.0

Customer relationship management

Storage history of the customer relationship

Mobile access from all places

Orderliness the customer database

Faster planning and task finding

Quickly learn how to use the system

Visibility of contact with the client

Smooth planning of tasks for traders

Monitoring of the traders working

Fast and uncomplicated reporting

Analysis of employee efficiency

The application customed to the needs of the company

Saving time working

Improved customer service process

Without additional installation

Data security guarantee

Increase of Client satisfaction

Falling-off costs of employees training

Increase profits by focusing on profitable customers

Increase of employees productivity

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from 29 PLN/month

What you should know about TradeAssistant CRM 3.0

What is the cost of customization and subscription?

Payment for application is month subscription. Month subscription depend on number of users (price-list). If our application suits you in 100%, there is only charge for subscription.

If you want to customize application for company needs, then additionally you must pay for customizations.  Customizations are evaluate individual, based on requirements.

Important –  when contract is signing for longer period of time, ie. 3, 6 or 12 month we offer discount of the subscription fee,  -3%, -6% and 10% respectively.

How to download demo version?

Link, login and password for free demo version are available on demo subpage. If you want to test TradeAssistant application for longer period of time, contact with us. We will create for you individual trial version.

How is CRM tradeassistant protected?

System CRM TradeAssistant is protected in two stage:

The First Security Cycle is a security measure before entering CRM TradeAssistant.
We meet the requirements of the Chief Inspectorate for Personal Data Protection (GIODO) for password protection. The second security is an SSL protocol.
How to know him? By entering the application in the URL it says: https: //. Where “s” means the data protection protocol.
This protocol is used for example in Internet banks. CRM TradeAssistant is an SSL certificate holder (supports encryption of connections up to 256 bits), which makes it a secure application.

The second Security Cycle is the connection between the application and the database servers. Currently data is stored by Amazon Web Service,
One of the safest providers of cloud computing services. Their services are used by institutions such as the US Government or Harvard University, companies such as Siemens, Philips and Polish LOT.
Data is stored on several servers that protect firewalls and anti-hacker software. Moreover, sensitive data is additionally encrypted.

Can I load my own clients database?

Yes, there is possibility to import  clients database to CRM TradeAssistant. The applicable format is .CSV. If file format is different, please contact with us.

Any questions? Contact with us.

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